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Advisory and Managed Services

Operational Efficiencies

Atreo’s advisory and managed services help hospitals develop and implement a “learn-it-all,” as opposed to a “know-it-all,” culture. We enable healthcare practitioners to make informed, fresh decisions, and to implement a continuous improvement process.

Focus on Learning 

  • Balance between capital expenditures and operational expenditures based on key performance expectations
  • Analysis of dynamic and actionable operational information to determine if expectations are being met
  • Informed decision-making based on knowledge as opposed to merely data
  • Knowledge of the calculated risk of implementing or not implementing available solutions 

Address Challenges in Healthcare

  • Siloed decision-making
  • Interdependence of functions within the organization
  • Visibility into the impact of process and technology on patient care and operational costs
  • Continuous improvement that can be measured accurately

Monitoring and Reporting

Atreo has created advanced system monitoring tools to model and analyze the most complex systems. We collect and analyze transaction data, extrapolate information that helps us understand how personnel are using a system, and we log maintenance actions on all pieces of equipment. Together, we can determine bottlenecks within a system and use computer simulations to propose improvements. Our goal is to enhance systems with designs and configurations that reduce costs, improve turnaround time and streamline performance for improved patient care. Learn more.

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